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Performance yachts shine through their elegance and excellent sailing characteristics.  However, these characteristics become available only if the cordage used also lives up to the high demands required. Only then will it be possible to ensure enhanced yacht speed optimised through improved handling and greater performance.

The cordage for a Cruiser/Racing yacht must allow a broad spectrum of performance while maintaining its durability and wear resistance.  Admiral 5000 and Globe 5000 from Robline have been developed with the specific needs of this target group in mind.

Another attribute this cordage should bring to the table is the ease of splicing.  Today, even performance-oriented sailors of a Cruiser/Racer or racer/cruiser expect to be able to customize their lines to the relevant type of sailing by making tapers and end splices. If you need increased performance in the jacket have a look at the Admiral 10000 range.

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