Bronze Fork & Swage


  • Bronze Turnbuckle assembly, supplied with a fully machined Threaded Fork End (B16) at one end and a Swage Stud (051) at the other
  • Forged from high strength bronze alloy
  • High quality polished chromium finish
  • Stronger than the wire rope
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The proven design of the Sta-Lok Forged Turnbuckle exceeds the breaking load of today’s high strength compacted strand wire ropes.

All turnbuckles are forged and machined from high strength bronze alloy. The aerodynamic design of this turnbuckle provides one of the strongest and most elegant bronze turnbuckles on the world market today. Finished in highly polished chromium.

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3mm 1/4"Stud, 4mm 1/4"Stud, 4mm 5/16"Stud, 5mm 5/16"Stud, 5mm 3/8"Stud, 6mm 3/8"Stud, 6mm 7/16"Stud, 7mm 7/16"Stud, 7mm 1/2"Stud, 8mm 1/2"Stud, 8mm 5/8"Stud, 10mm 5/8"Stud, 12mm 3/4"Stud