KOS Stainless Steel Compacted Strand Wire 316 Grade

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Kos Compacted Strand stainless steel wire is designed for high performance standing rigging.

The manufacturing process for Compact Stand reduces stretch and increases break load by approximately 30% compared to standard 1×19 wire with only a minimal increase in weight per metre.

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KOS Stainless Steel Wire Rope manufactured using 316 marine grade stainless steel to 1.4401 is recognised throughout the world for its superior quality and has an outstanding reputation for suitability in a marine environment

Compacted strand wire ropes feature high-strength and very low-stretch, providing this wire with excellent longevity and performance.

3mm and 4mm diameters are available in 1×7 construction, 5mm up to and including 12mm diameter is manufactured in 1×19 construction, 14mm diameter and larger is manufactured in 1x 25.

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